Peerless Proudly Features…Rwanda Grand Cru- Kanzu Coffee








A very special offering of a true artisan produced coffee. As rare as a Black Rhino, this light roasted coffee comes from a single washing station high above Lake Kivu surrounded by rainforests.   Creamy body, sweet pear, hints of dark cherry and a toasted honey finish.







KANZU Coffee Washing Station is located in the Western Province of Nyamasheke. Sitting on the shoulders of Lake Kivu, and a stone’s throw from Nyungwe National Park, the washing station is located on the Rwanda Congo Nile Mountain Chain. The Coffee Washing Station is situated 1800m above sea level, and sources coffee from above 2000m+. The average annual rainfall is 1100mm. The climate, accompanied with the rich, fertile volcanic soils and the high altitude, make this an ideal region for coffee cultivation.

The local population survives on agriculture, cultivating subsistence crops like peas, cassava and banana. Coffee is used as their predominant cash crop. The money earned from coffee helps farmers educate their children, and provide medical care to those in need of it.

Nyamasheke District, Western Rwanda

In 2010, Kanzu only received and processed a total of 7,500 kgs of cherry, and in 2011 the washing station was not operational. In 2012, the washing station processed around 430,000 kgs of cherries, re-engaging the farmers’ confidence in coffee.


The coffee season in Rwanda runs from March-July. Kanzu receives coffee cherries from farmers and issues immediately to process. Once processed, the coffee is then dried on tables. The CWS employs 50 local men and women during the coffee season. Once dried, the parchment is bagged up and sent to the C.Dorman Rwanda main office in Kigali for further processing and export.

The main goal of C.Dorman Rwanda is to increase coffee production through farmer training and farm input incentives. C.Dorman Rwanda is focused on coffee processing protocol as a means of ensuring quality coffee for its customers, and premium price for the farmer. In 2007, Kanzu was one of the runners up in the Rwandan Golden Cup, and received an award at the Cup of Excellence in 2008.

The coffee form Kanzu Coffee Washing Station attracts buyers of the world’s top specialty coffees including Peerless Coffee and Tea, Stumptown, and Sweet Maria’s.