Conservation – Good For Your Bottom Line. Good For The Planet.

As a certified green business, we have a lot to say about careful resource use.  We know from experience that going green can save you money.

Recycle and Compost:

  • Recycling and compost are revenue streams for waste management companies.  Not so with garbage destined for landfill.  The bill you pay is for garbage, not recycling compost.  Produce less garbage and save money.   As of late last year, Peerless has diverted 55 tons of materials from landfill through its waste management programs and saved $20,000 annually.  Consider this:  Recycling and composting not only diverts items from landfill, they can slow global warming.  That’s right, food waste rotting in landfills releases tons of methane gas!
  • Encourage customers to bring their own cups.  Selling reusable travel cups helps the environment and increases sales.

Power Down:

  • Switching from incandescent to compact fluorescent bulbs can save money and energy.  CFL’s use about 66% less energy than incandescent and last 10 times longer.  Switch out just four bulbs and save $159 over the lifetime of the bulbs!

Clean Green:

  • Green cleaning products are becoming more affordable.  Most people don’t know that they are often more highly concentrated than conventional products and can save you money in the long run.  It helps to shop around.

Cut the Tree Use:

  • If you print up menus and flyers, consider using chalkboards instead.  Cut down on paper use by using table tents or plastic sleeves to keep your menus clean and dry.

Flow Slowly:

  • Encourage employees to turn off water when it’s not being used.
  • If you have plants, use leftover water from water pitchers to water them.
  • Install low flow toilets and faucets.